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Even While Your Practice is Closed.
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In this 3-Part LiveStream
Over the course of 3 back-back Livestreams OneMedAll shared with 20+ Dental Practices and Dr.'s alike on how they can still profit during an economic slow-down by performing audit and chart reviews of their existing EOB's and Medical Claims. This lends itself to finding new opportunities to create revenue for the practice even in a time when your practice is asked to remain closed.

Although you may not be seeing any current or new patients, if you're looking to stay-ahead instead of fall-behind, you do not want to miss-out on the information that is contained in these recordings for a few reasons:
  • Fill the holes of your business by showing your patients and staff the path forward.
  • Discover the best protocols for Chart Reviews & Audits.
  • Make up to $8,000 per-claim (depending on the procedure).

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